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    Fresh Patch - Increasing revenue with Klaviyo

    • 3 min read

    Fresh Patch - Increasing revenue with Klaviyo

    After the initial 12 months of managing Klaviyo email marketing for the brand, Blend was able to achieve the following results:

    • 18% Increase in revenue from email marketing
    • 144% Increase in new customer revenue from email marketing
    • 17% Increase in the conversion rate of emails 

    The Brand

    Fresh Patch provides its customers with a natural dog and cat potty for the home, bringing convenience and support to animal potty training. From its initial launch in 2010, Fresh Patch has grown significantly and Fresh Patch has received international attention from appearing on Shark Tank and being featured on ‘Oprah's Favorite Things’.

    The Challenge

    Prior to working with Blend, Fresh Patch had begun to explore the use of email to drive ‘owned revenue’ within their business. This included running campaigns and automated flows to both retain customers as part of their subscription model. The core tactics involved:

    • Sending short (1-2 email) automated flows
    • Using only Facebook ads to retarget customers
    • Sending campaigns at key times of the year to drive revenue.

    In using these tactics, Fresh Patch was aiming to increase its retention of subscription customers, as well as convert one-off purchasers to become subscription customers. By doing so, they hoped to maximise revenue for the business. The key issue for Fresh Patch was that conversion of campaigns was sporadic and that automated flows were not generating the levels of revenue that the brand was expecting from Klaviyo.

    The Solution

    Using our team’s deep understanding of Klaviyo, Blend implemented a comprehensive redesign of the automated email flows for Fresh Patch. This included both the design of the flows, timings, and content creation.

    Through an initial intensive Klaviyo email audit, Blend identified that certain key automated flows were missing from the Fresh Patch approach to email. By also mining the Google Analytics and sales data of Fresh Patch, the team was able to identify customer behaviour that was leading to unsubscribes from email and churn on the subscription products that the brand offered.

    Using these insights, Blend worked with Fresh Patch on the key elements below:

    Advanced Klaviyo Flows

    Based on the need to provide strong after-sales care, retargeting for large audiences and improvements to deliverability, we implemented the 8 Core Flow Bundle and Subscription 3 Core Flow Bundle from Stack Outlet.

    Use of advanced segmentation

    Due to the unique characteristics of the Fresh Patch customer, Blend used custom profile properties along with the advanced segmentation of Klaviyo to improve email success

    App integrations with Klaviyo

    Given that Fresh Patch was also using some best in class Shopify apps, these were integrated with Klaviyo to improve the impact of both Klaviyo and the apps.

    Structured campaign strategy

    In order to boost email revenue, a structured plan for email campaigns was created to improve both deliverability and conversion of email campaigns.

    The Impact

    Alongside a year on year increase of 218% in revenue from email marketing, there was a significant impact on email performance, including:

    • 183% increase in average open rate
    • 216% increase in average click rate
    • 17% increase in the average conversion rate of emails

    Implementing the 8 Core Flow Bundle and Subscription 3 Core Flow Bundle from Stack Outlet at the start of Q3 improved email performance further:

    • 134% increased in owned revenue from Q2 2020
    • 108% increase in owned revenue percentage from Q2 2020
    • 14% increase in returning revenue from Q2 2020

    As Blend continues its relationship with Fresh Patch, the team looks forward to continuing to help Fresh Patch get the best from email marketing for their Shopify store with Klaviyo.