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    How our Klaviyo flows give you more

    • 5 min read

    How our Klaviyo flows give you more

    Having the right flows setup in your Klaviyo account is the first step to accelerating your business growth. But with Klaviyo already providing a library of Flow ideas, you’re probably wondering what makes the Stack Outlet flows different?

    In this blog, we are going to take you through our 3 core flows and explain why they are different from what you already have available to you. We’re also going to give you insight into some of our Flows that you wouldn’t be able to get as standard in Klaviyo, and see what impact they have on the performance of email compared to KlaviyoBenchmarks.

    Welcome Flow

    A strong Welcome Flow is critical for successful onboarding new subscribers and converting them into customers. You should aim to get a 33.22% open rate and a 1.33% conversion rate. 

    The standard Welcome Flow series by Klaviyo offers you 3 touch points over 7 days to reach your new subscribers and gain that all-important purchase. But did you know that Subscribers often convert in the first 3 days of subscribing to a list?

    With the Stack Outlet Welcome Flow we take this guesswork away and have ready-made A/B tests so you can see exactly what content and timings work best for your business. Email marketing is never out of the box, every subscriber will behave differently so it’s best to evolve your marketing based on their behaviour to get the best results.

    By implementing a similar Welcome Flow, we saw an open rate of 48.4% and Conversion Rate was 9.87% on average for the whole Flow. Read our case study here.  

    Along with A/B testing, we’ve also added an additional step at the end of the Flow to measure the engagement, and create a custom property for future segmentation. 

    This Flow is the start of all Subscriber interaction, so use it as a prime opportunity to find out more about your Subscriber.

    Browse Abandonment Flow

    A Browse Abandonment Flow was a unique concept to Klaviyo due to its advanced integration with Shopify. This simple flow allows you to help better capture people who browse to become purchasers. Due to this, they are usually highly engaged and you can expect to see an open rate of 50.54%. As they are sometimes on the edge of purchasing, the conversion rate is benchmarked at 1.29%, but with the right content, these can be exceeded. 

    The standard Browse Abandonment Flow series by Klaviyo triggers one email to send after two hours. This might be all you need but is one email enough to sell your product?

    With the Stack Outlet Browse Abandonment Flow we help you test two things:

    • Is one email sufficient to convince the subscriber to purchase?
    • Does an incentive like a discount persuade them to purchase?

    By providing you with content and structure suggestions that we have tried and tested, you can be confident you will find the best combination for your business. We also add additional filters to the Flow including limiting the Flow to send only to Subscribers who have subscribed in the last 30 days. 

    By implementing a similar Browse Abandonment Flow, we met the 50.54% open rate benchmark for the Flow but increased the conversion rate of this Flow by 50%. 

    These additional steps create a great foundation for building brand trust with your Subscriber as well as starting to think about deliverability and how messaging may affect unsubscribe rates. 

    This Flow is your opportunity to demonstrate more knowledge to your Subscribers and gain an important first purchase from them in their first 30 days of subscribing.

    Cart Abandonment Flow

    The Cart Abandonment Flow is an extremely important Flow to drive revenue with Klaviyo and should be one of the first Flows you implement to start seeing a return on investment. You should expect to see an open rate of 39.17% and a conversion rate of 2.89%. This Flow aims to get subscribers from the cart back to checkout as quickly as possible, this takes more than just a simple reminder. 

    The standard Cart Abandonment Flow series by Klaviyo triggers one email to send after four hours and a second to send after 20 hours. This gives the subscriber plenty of time to think about their purchase. You can use tactics like discounting or time sensitivity to encourage sales, but by this point, there is more information about the subscriber you can use.

    With the Stack Outlet Cart Abandonment Flow we use data collected from the Welcome Flow and Browse Abandonment Flow to segment the Flow so that content can be adjusted accordingly. Using behaviours displayed and actions taken, this Flow has been thoroughly split to think about every scenario a Subscribers may be in up until this point, for example:

    • Have they purchased before?
    • Have they subscribed in the last 30 days?
    • Did they use a discount code from the Browse Abandonment Flow? 

    Using our years of experience, we’ve developed this tried and tested Flow so that it will produce great results for any Shopify Store. By implementing a similar Cart Abandonment Flow, we saw open rates of 50.8% and a conversion rate of 8.15%. Truly a revenue-generating flow! 

    This Flow is one of the best flows you can have for generating revenue, so make sure you tailored it to suit your Subscribers.

    Lapsed High Rollers

    A Lapsed High Roller is what we refer to as someone who used to be active and purchase frequently from your store, but at some point stopped. This is also known as a Customer Winback Flow, but the Stack Outlet Flow is far more advanced.

    As a standard Klaviyo provides you with a Customer Winback Flow which looks to see if someone hasn’t purchased again after 75 days. We found this Flow caused high unsubscribe rates and wasn’t using the data Klaviyo has to truly win back customers. Due to this, we’d only expect to see a 28.1% open rate and a 0.49% conversion rate.

    Winning back customers isn’t as simple as sending an email. There are often other factors surrounding why they stopped purchasing and this is our opportunity to find out what and see how we can win them back. 

    The Stack Outlet Winback Flow - Lapsed High Rollers is a flow designed to use segmentation to find out more before winning back the customers. This Flow has ready-made Klaviyo In-Survey Links so you can create your Q&A directly within Klaviyo. For example, if your Subscriber says the product is too expensive, reply with an email offering a discount code. 

    Along with this, we also provide automated profile suppression, using a series of emails triggered after the core of this Flow to find out what marketing preferences a Subscriber has before deciding if they need to be suppressed. 

    Suppression is a great way to control unsubscribe and spam rates, but our Flow helps segment these profiles for you. 

    By implementing this Flow we reached an open rate of 44.5%, and a conversion rate of 1.35%, a great increase compared to the benchmark from Klaviyo.


    Now you know some of the reasons Stack Outlet is different. Why not give our Klaviyo Flows a try? Our 3 Core Flow Bundle includes the 3 best flows to get you started: Welcome, Browse and Cart Abandonment. 

    Try them out today for just $249 and see what difference Stack Outlet can make your business growth.